A message for Marathon Runners

Auntie Vix,

Does sporting tricks,

She used to play girls rugby,

Until tackling, she hurt her knee.

Encouraged by friends to whom she was talking,

She put on boots and went out walking.

But nature called, she needed the bog,

And so our Vix beagn to jog.

After a mile she found it was fun,

Upper her pace, started to run.

Well after an uphill cross country stint,

She broke into a graceful sprint.

With a steely look upon her face,

She reached the end of the steeple chase,

Ussain Bolt crossing the line,

Was passed by Vix crying 2oh yes, it’s mine!”

She kept on going, on…. and on,

And then signed-up for a marathon.

But, listen-up, a word of warning,

To remember on race day morning.

If you should need to do a poo,

Be sure to find a proper loo,

For even the World’s best athlete,

Should not deposit upon the street.

Great steaming piles with such a whiff,

As did your hero, Ms Paula Radcliffe.


A message for Marathon Runners

Iain Galbraith 17th May 2012


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