Your Big Musings

As Vix has her own musings section, it only seems fair that you have one too.

Below are various musings by ‘you’.

Spirit Level

Attention Seeker

The Beam of Hope


Miss X, Happy Days & Literay ramblings

Musings on a Journey

A message for Marathon Runners

Hi Vix

Be careful what you say 


One thought on “Your Big Musings

  1. Vix, good on you. Best wishes with all the treatments, the sessions and life in general. I love the ‘can-do’ attitude.

    You’re the reason why people feel that they can do their bit to help – whether it’s by giving financially or of their time. Your grade of tumour is the same of that of my long-time friend and colleague, David Fryer, and it was he who was the reason for me starting my own ventures.

    Thanks for the shout on your blog. RelayGB is certainly going to be a challenge in more ways than one next year but I’m hopefully that it will be well supported and provide a lot more awareness for brain tumour research and for Brain Tumour UK. If you are able to raise some intested from others then that will be brilliant.

    Individuals as well as team entries are welcomed, and from runners of all abilities. Simply go to for more information and/or to register.

    All the best. You’re an inspiration.

    Director and Event Organiser, RelayGB

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