Team Vix for VixTryAgain

VixTryAgain @ Blenheim Triathlon.

Enter the team or individual sprint events, and put “Team Vix” if you   want to start in the same wave as others in our group.

Sequel to VixBigTri, Vicky’s   debut triathlon in 2011 during her chemo treatment following her brain cancer  diagnosis. VixTryAgain posse includes keen athletes & those who neither class themselves as keen or athletic. Our aim is to help raise awareness of   brain tumours & funds for research & support of  those affected.

Age UK (50%)

CRUK (50%)

Many thanks for your kindness and support of the athletes and wannabeathletes participating as part of Team Vix in VixTryAgain. Your donation will be split 50% going to Age UK, the Roche UK’s chosen charity of 2012, and 50% to Cancer Research UK. Many thanks for supporting us, we will sweat for you by proxy. Please do forward this giving link to anyone you know who may like to support us.

Living, loving and laughing

Team Vix

Roche possie: Jacqui Spencer, Kate Munro…

Gate possie – Saturday:

Gate possie – Sunday:

Family and friends: Ingrid, Franner and Jo; Mum, Amanda and Esther


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