Vix Big Shit

A new friend said “Shit things happen only to people who can take it” after we’d bonded as cancer siblings. It’s given me strength in that it’s reminded me that I can take it. In the style of O’Bama’s followers “yes we can”, well, “yes I can”. It’s only radiotherapy and chemotherapy, and then only another six months of chemo. It really isn’t the end of the world is it? Then there was the massive earthquake in Christchurch New Zealand, and then another in north east Japan, and then the tsunami. It made me think: shit things happen, full-stop. There’s no decision made, no rationale, sometimes no logic. It’s not as if it’s decreed that things have been a bit easy for those in the Pacific and they’ve not been tested in the recent years. There’s no turn taking, no sequence, no fairness to “shit things” happening. There’s no rhyme and no reason. Sometimes it’s your lucky day, and sometimes it’s your unlucky day. You can be living a virtuous, healthy life, taking good care of yourself and those near and dear, paying your taxes, being kind, being economical, reusing, recycling, religious or not, then “BANG”…. shit happens. Your day, your week, your months, year or even life gets turned on its arse, and you land, after painful bounces, lying tits-up, with your knickers showing. And, it’s not just you, it’s those near and dear and those less near and less dear, who may be feeling the bruises and have their knickers showing too. Family, good old friends, good new friends, long-lost old friends: some relationships are re-born, rekindled and renewed, some become stronger and survive, and some get lost in the ripples and aftershocks, are blown away or drift off. New meaning to casual texts, emails, phone calls, letters, visits with quality time doing simple things. Talking about the “old” days when we were younger and making plans for future days when we are hopefully older.
Make the most of each day as it comes, and appreciate it as it goes. Make the most of the people who are important to you, and those to whom you are important. Make new friends at every opportunity. It’s people who will help you back to your feet when you land on your arse showing your knickers. Make the most in a timely way, because shit happens when you least expect it.

Shit Happens
Vicky Galbraith
March 2011


One thought on “Vix Big Shit

  1. You complete star. Keep writing and posting your writings up. In many (many) years to come there will be a blue plaque on your bath “The writer, Victoria (sorry about that) Vickster Galbraith wrote here”.

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