Today’s News in Brief & Economics for beginners

Trade-offs. Trade-ups. Trade-downs.

Down-turns. U-turns.

Deficits. Bad fits.

Quantitative easing. Political sleazing.

Supply and demand. Economic trickery with slight-of-hand.

Magic wealth. Mental health.

Misleading. Re-reading.

Recession.  Depression.

Social unrest.  Disinterest.

Protesters camping. Global poverty ramping.

Living standards downward adjustment. Farewell obituary and sad lament.

Civil Servants striking. Boris cycling.

Wage flexibility on the incline. Household consumption in decline.

Government fixing. Councils mixing.

Council Tax freezes.  The News Reader sneezes.

Mish-mash Coalition. Have they lost ambition?

Rates up. Executive pay up.

White collars, blue collars, grey economy and the pink pound.

Grey skies and snow in the northwest.

Global snowballs. Lucky windfalls.

Tax Office rebate us. Celebrity status.

Wine consumption in decline. Footballer’s wives are doing just fine.

Pension reforms.  School uniforms.

Capping Child Benefit for the unemployed. Is childhood still enjoyed?

Happiness rating.  Politican’s husband masturbating.

Hard times. Effects on crime.

Squeezing at the bottom.  More muffins on top.

More champagne and truffles.

Double dipping: is that salsa and guacamole, two for one?

Buy one get one free: BOGOF.

Written at home on 24/11/11


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