I Can. Sent from my iPad

I sleep.
I stir, gently, I wake, as the sun seeps into my room.
I sit-up in my iBed.
I plump my iPillow.
I take my iMedication: anti-seizure and anti-emetic.
I wait.
I turn on the iRadio: iNews, argi-bargi interviewing.
I can’t understand why iRaq, Afganistan and now Lyb-i-a is a good iDea.
I go down the iStairs and put the iKettle on.
I make iCoffee.
I go back up the iStairs, with my iMug, iRadio chatting, iBed calling.
I chill. I relax. I laze. I lie-in.
I should.
I can. I do. I will.
I take more iMedication: anti-cancer capsules.
I wait.
I check emails.
I reply.
Sent from my iPad, in my iPyjamas, in my iBed.
I get up.
I breakfast.
Today I eat, Apple, Blackberry and yogurt.

I Can. Sent from my iPad
Vicky Galbraith May 2011


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