I believe in…

I believe in good Science, the appliance of Science and drugs.

I believe in trusting experts, who do know better.

I believe in good advice.

If needs be… I believe in The Lord, The Laird and some Lard,

Budha, Allah, Maori Gods, all of them, I’ll share them, if it helps.

I believe in getting stuff off my chest,

Wearing a vest (when it’s cold),

Lots of rest,

Stuff said in jest, except “Sir” and “Dyke” and “Mr”.

I believe in hope.

And soap,

Clean hands, infection control. Catch it, kill it, bin it when you sneeze.


Taking the hands of help that are offered.

Accepting kindness,

Being kind.

Being a friend, not afraid.  I believe in nature, and nurture too,

In sap, seeds, bark , trees of green, waters blue, spas, and a health-giving glass of water.

I believe in genes and the effects of their environment.

I believe in Dog Therapy, the power of the unconditional love of a dog. Cupboard love.

I believe in comfort food.

I believe in Karma. What you give out, you get back.

I believe in being calmer, less stress and more appreciation of the here and now.

I believe in back scratching, you scratch mine and I’ll scratch yours.

I believe in being outdoors.

I believe in genuine and honest feedback and compliments,

In complimentary health stuff, if it makes me feel better.

Acupuncture, massage, reflexology, yoga, stretching, exercise, vitamins and goodness

Fresh fruit, feeling fruity.

Crystals feel nice, and if wearing them tucked in my bra helps, I’ll believe in that too,

Dancing feels good, singing too.

I’ll believe in anything if it helps.


Written in hope in New Zealand, at 4am.

I believe in…

Vicky Galbraith, September 2011


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