Childlike Approach

When statistics don’t matter. When the standard deviations, Kaplein Mayer curves, progression-free survival, means, medians and modes, don’t differentiate and don’t mean a thing. When the simple feeling, the desire and yearning to “feel better” is all that really matters. Side effects, symptoms and consequences are not a concern. When what matters is being able to get up and have some fun again, care-free fun. There’s a time and a place for statistics, but then there’s a time to put them away and get on with life.

There’s something in a child’s response that we can all learn from, things that children do, but as adults we sometimes think we can’t do anymore, like crying when it hurts and reaching out for a cuddle when it’s needed. Children don’t “do” stiff-upper-lips, or bucking-up, until they become adults, or are taught to by adults. Children take what comes, they trust, they tell it as it is, they are honest, they ask great questions, and they never have to rush off.

Isn’t it time to be a bit more childish?

P.S. Apologies to all Statisticians.

Childlike Approach

Vicky Galbraith April 2011


One thought on “Childlike Approach

  1. I’m sitting here at my desk, knowing I have lots of things to catch up on after the Bank Holidays but thought I’d have a quick look and see how you got on with your walk. Instead of a 10 minute nose I’ve been completely engrossed in all your ‘big musings’ and before I know it it’s nearly lunchtime (oops!) I’m loving reading your stories Vicky and they’re inspiring me to work harder on this oncology study that, if I’m honest, has been doing my head in for the past few weeks 😉 We found out we got regulatory approval today so will hopefully have our first patient dosed by the end of the month. Reading your lovely stories is giving me that much needed motivation to stop day-dreaming about Kate’s dress, long lie-ins and boozy lunches and actually get my arse into gear…think it’ll be a late one!
    Look forward to the next updates and more photos
    Jen xx

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