Cakeathon effects on blood pressure

Doing Good Things: Cakeathon effects on blood pressure

The idea of a Charity Day, opening up the house and gardens to friends and neighbours, fellow islanders, serving coffee and cake, soup and rolls, and tea and cake, for worthy causes was an excellent one. Use one’s strengths and assets to do a Good Thing. It required planning, preparation and a team of cake bakers and soup makers, coffee plungers and tea strainers, washer-uppers, garden tour guides and chatters.

The Vicar of Dibley’s Letitia Cropley and her backing methods were remembered as the tale of the chocolate cake was recounted. I can confirm however, that most recipes were from reputable cookbooks. Baking a zillion cakes for an Open House Charity Day has been quite a task, and in all epic ventures there are sometimes mishaps along the way. Chocolate cake – the most rich and moist cake, which was being made in double quantities. Double quantities of everything, that is, except the sugar, which was in error, not added. It was just as the four sandwich tins were about to go in the oven, when it was realised that the oven hadn’t been turned on to pre-heat it. Alas, four very rich chocolate flatbreads were the result, un-risen and anti-soufflé. There was absolutely “no foof”. What did rise was Mum’s blood pressure, plus “post-menofausal plushes” ensued.

Repeat. Start again. Excellent, the sugar is in, and the oven is on. Cakes rise beautifully and blood pressure sinks. Next, to make the frosting: marscapone cream, crème frais, sugar…. and whisk.

“Oh fuck” the frosting has granulated. Whisk more. “Oh fuck”. “Oh fuck” again, there’s no more marscapone in the fridge. To have a go, or not to have a go at spreading the granulated frosting, that is the question. To try and spread this creamy tasting cement, or not. To risk wasting and ruining the beautifully risen sponges because of cold-plasticine-like granulated frosting. Oh fuck. Oh fuck. Oh fuck. Blood pressure rises, flushes are turned on.

Even though only related by marriage, I think there’s been some gene transfer from my paternal Granny to my Mum. Paternal Granny’s famous dessert was Cakegonewrong served with custard. Her famous desert, which Mum has now perfected too.

Cakeathon effects on blood pressure

Vicky Galbraith April 2011


2 thoughts on “Cakeathon effects on blood pressure

  1. My mum missed the sugar out of last year’s Christmas cake then claimed she did it on purpose becasue of dad’s diabetes (while still feeding him trifle and chocolate in industrial quantities). She’s fooling nobody. ;o)

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