Beautiful Typos

How fantastic when the meaning, gravity and solemnity of a message is so utterly changed by an incidental typo. When the need to “have a chat” with a work colleague becomes to “have a shat”. A tournament having “licked off” rather than “kicked off” adds a whole new dimension to competitive play. How easily busy becomes busty, sitter becomes shitter, course becomes corpse, memories become mammories.  Jsuts, which I was introduced to whilst on-line flirting a good few years ago, which are when the fingers just don’t quite get it right on the keyboard, but it’s deemed good enough with only a single letter switch. So anticipation became antipication, enthusiastic became enthisuastic, Vicky became the Slavic sounding Vykci.

Beautiful Typos
Vicky Galbraith April 2011


One thought on “Beautiful Typos

  1. I taught my self to type at the age of 30….which coincided with having to produce the program for some of the first big rugby 7s tournaments on the east coast.

    We had teams flying in from across the country. It wasn’t until all the programs were distributed that I realized a rendition of “how to play rugby 7s” (by one of our most revered coaches) that I had to hand-type into the layout included my most consistent rookie typing error – the substitution of the adjacent keys “b” for “n” …. turning all the runners on the field into rubbers for at least 5 solid pages …. which passed spell check swimmingly under a tight deadline. oooops!

    You write beautifully. xoxo

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