Vix Big Musings

“I’ve started an expressive writing course at the Maggie’s Centre, for which I even have homework, and that assists with the tear flow too. Seeing something written, and reading it back does something to solidify my feelings and emotions and make them seem more real. Even if the highs and lows are relatively transient, there’s permanence about them being captured in writing that is quite cathartic. So writing my updates is part of my self-administered therapy”

Please click on the links below to read the results.

A look inside my head

Address to a Tuna

Beautiful Typos

Cakeathon effects on blood pressure

Childlike Approach

Factor X

Fot Hushes (a follow-on to Coloscopy Adventures of Another)

Front Row Toughness

Girls with Bollocks*

Go to Sleep Laughing Medical Travel Insurance

Hair or Life

How rugby gets me through

I believe in…

I Can. Sent from my iPad

Imaging adventures: MRI for beginners

It’s not you, it’s me

Labelled Disabled

Loosing Control

Neil & Emma’s Wedding Reading  

No Eyed Dear


Oscopy Adventures of Another

Queue jumping

Rural Bus Journey

Safety First

Seven Billion

Signs Of Spring

Smarties for Breakfast

The Alternative Songbook

The Alternative Songbook PT 2

The importance of the World being Round

The Thing Is

Today’s News in Brief & Economics for beginners

Vix Big Shit

Vix Big Shock

Which Bench?


4 thoughts on “Vix Big Musings

  1. Neil read about your Big Walk on the SRU website. I have just spent the last hour reading your website and your fantastic musings. I have been diagnosed with breast cancer this year, have had surgery and have just started chemo. People are telling me that I am being really strong and positive but what you are doing is truly amazing! I am so inspired by you and would love it if we could get in touch again. I’m still in Leamington, so maybe the Blenheim Triathlon would be a good place to meet up.
    love Janine

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