Neil & Emma’s Wedding Reading

Neil & Emma’s Wedding Reading                                                                                            23rd June 2012
What do you say, when you are asked, or should I say, invited, to do a reading at a wedding? There really is only one answer: it is an honour to be invited to a wedding, and more so, to be asked to be given duties and involved in the running’s of The BIG Day.

So, firstly Neil and Em’s, thanks for giving me some “air time”. I am delighted to be here, quite literally. I am delighted to be here, and part of Your BIG Day. I am glad that you are finally getting married. I’m pleased you didn’t rush into it!

I asked Neil for a “brief” and he gave me a free rein pretty much, so long as there is nothing religious. I asked him how long he wanted me to read for, and he said an hour or so. I hope you are sitting comfortably. I’m going to talk about marriage in the context of my life mantra: Living, Loving and Laughing.

Living: making the most of each day, as individuals and as a married couple, and with those you care about. Living purposefully, living a fulfilling life together. Enjoying simple pleasures, and finding some happiness together every day. Enjoying all things in moderation, including moderation. Living in the present tense, enjoying the here and now, taking time to stop and smell the roses, and your bouquet. Taking time to feel the sun on your back, or, the rain in your face. Taking time to enjoy the beauty around us. Living, and growing together. Respecting yourselves as individuals and the unity of marriage. Growing as individuals and learning more about yourselves and each other. Growing old together. Learning how to make marriage work, for you both.

Loving: supporting, caring for and being tender with each other, and your family and friends who are here to support you both in your married life together. Spending quality time together, and time as individuals, and with your family and friends. Loving each other, more so, as you grow old together. I think growing old, going grey haired and wrinkly skinned is a privilege.

Laughing: Although it may not feel like at times, marriage is a contract that you both are entering into of your own free will. It is not a prison sentence. I hope you will allow each other to retain your individuality and your freedom, and a sense of humour beyond today’s service. Life’s full of ups and downs, highs and lows, bumps and grinds. The Galbraith family moto says “Strength from Adversity”, and that, combined with your sense of fun will help you on your journey together.

When it rains, look for rainbows. When it’s dark, look for the stars. If we look to the sun, our shadows fall behind us. Look after and cherish each other. Enjoy the time you spend together. Above all, keep on living, loving and laughing together.

Vicky Galbraith, May 2012


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