Vix Big Lowlands Walk

Written by a participant of the ‘Lowlands Walk’ – the southern leg of ‘Vix’s Big Walk

Following our motivational speech from our inspirational Vix we set off at quite a pace for the first leg of our walk, with the sun beaming down on us and sash’s attached. After 500 yards Tor  used some lame excuse of having to dip out and the rest of us proceeded through some lovely bluebell woods arriving a little ahead of schedule at the garden centre for our lunch, where as an additional bonus to the day we were required to join the Gardeners Club (bonus points card). We were all chuffed in realising that we were the youngest bunch by far in there and after taking on some refreshments, which included Manjit trying to sneakily eat his pickled onion monster munch – not the easiest snack to eat discreetly, and a photo shoot on top of compost bags (didn’t know they could be used as a slide!) we set off the 2nd leg.
We were joined by Charlie (aged 4) who walked brilliantly on Dad’s shoulders and kept an eye on the event using her binoculars, and ran the last bit with Sarah in tow, Sarah at this point had taken on the enormous rucksack that Manjit had been carrying up to now, so yes Sarah did well carrying that for the last 200 yards! Jackie had also joined us and Marie had had to leave the ‘party’.
After some refreshments at the pub using Esther’s imaginary tab we set off on the 3rd and final leg walking round Woburn estate, at this point Sarah, Manjit (and the large punnet of grapes, apples etc etc in the rucksack), Alex, Steve and Charlie had to leave but we were joined by Julia, Chad, Matthew and Daniel and their bikes. We quickly lost the Williams clan on their bikes (not deliberately!) but they went one way and us another….(us being Amanda, Esther, Ginny and Jackie). We were then threatened with imprisonment by a ranger for not walking on the footpath but on a road but we sweet talked him in to letting us off and we continued on our merry way through woods, bamboo fields and intriguing gates that led us back into Woburn at around 4:30.
All in all a lovely day for wonderful cause’s.


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