Vix Big Shave

What’s going on?
A fundraising event involving Vix (a.k.a. Dr Vicky Galbraith or Chambers) and willing volunteers shaving off the hair on any part of their bodies (heads particularly welcome), to raise money for healthcare related charities in the West of Scotland.

Why are we doing this?
In early November 2010, whilst staying with her parents on the Isle of Skye, where she was born, to help her overcome “depression”, Vix was diagnosed with grade 4 Glioblastoma, a cancerous brain tumour. Things moved very fast once her cancer diagnosis was made and it was realised that this wasn’t depression after all. This included a helicopter ambulance ride from the cottage hospital in Broadford on Skye to Institute of Neurosurgery, Southern General Hospital, Glasgow. It was here where Vix underwent a craniotomy, the surgery to remove the tumour within the temporal right part of her brain, and she is going to be starting radiotherapy and a long course of chemotherapy to hopefully control the disease. Prior to losing her hair due to the cancer treatment, she has decided to take control and restyle herself, and has decided on a “Bic and Polish”, hence the invitation to join her in Vix Big Shave.

Which charities are we fundraising for?
Friends of Broadford (McKinnon Memorial) Hospital: a very small and very caring cottage hospital in Broadford in the Isle of Skye. Due to the geography of the west of Scotland, this 23-bedded hospital serves a special purpose in providing care for patients who may then be transferred and treated at larger hospitals in Inverness, Aberdeen, Glasgow and Edinburgh, as well offering its own A&E and maternity services.

Scottish Ambulance service (including the air ambulance): The ambulance service that covers all of Scotland, including the remote and scarcely populated islands and highlands. The service includes helicopters to speedily transfer patients with life-threatening conditions to the larger hospitals.

Highland Hospice: Offers specialist palliative care services and support throughout the communities in the Highlands working in collaboration with NHS Highland. Due to the growing and aging population of the community in the Highlands, and developing technologies, the intention is that the services will be expanded over the coming years.

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