Charity Day, Bernisdale

Open House Charity Day, Bernisdale, 9th April 2011

We were so lucky with our Open House Charity Day, on 9th April, the first warm, sunny day of the year here on Skye, with temperatures exceeding 20C.  Over a hundred people supported our charity appeal and contributed just about £1000 between them.  Huge thanks are due to everybody who came, either to help or to look and see.
Vicky was at home for the weekend to meet her Skye-based friends and many were impressed by her inspirational quality and have enormous admiration for her.
Birdsong, fun and laughter filled the air as our guests enjoyed delicious home baking, bread, soup, tea and coffee in the conservatory overlooking the croft and outside in the garden.
Walking around the croft, people were amazed at the range of interesting features we have in addition to the spring flowers:  chickens, geese, the trout farm, polytunnel, the archaeological features, and the riverside path leading down to the seashore … our patch of Skye that we’ve become so attached to.
We’re receiving fantastic support, kindness and sense of community from a huge circle of friends, new and old, for which we’re so grateful.  Thank you to Everyone Who Cares.

Moms xxx


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