Christmas Loop

Christmas CardDecember 2013

Just a little catch up from Skye to keep us all in the vixcontinuingstuffloop.

Vicky’s always in our thoughts, but never more so than during the past month.  Following the Scotland v Australia Autumn Test match we were privileged to be allowed to scatter Vicky’s ashes at Murrayfield, an honour reserved for Scotland’s International players.  We were impressed by the respect of the ground staff:  everybody stopped work and the stadium was in total silence while we scattered the ashes on the tryline … watch out for the greenest grass and the next Scottish try … it’ll be there, for Vix.

A week later the Glynn Harris award was presented for Vicky’s writing about her experience of cancer.  Glyn Harris was an educationalist, who worked in Cumbria and died from cancer shortly after his retirement.  Vicky submitted some of her writing at the beginning of 2013 and knew that her work had been chosen.  It was even more poignant to be a posthumous award;  we were reminded that for the valiant Vicky this was indeed a battle, something she was determined to defeat.  We have a beautiful trophy to add to add to Vicky’s memorabilia and her cheque has been donated to The Brain Tumour Charity specifically for research.

The piece of Vicky’s writing read out at the presentation was ‘Factor X’ (it’s in Vix Big Musings).  This made everyone smile, laugh and shed tears.  A gentleman in the audience said afterwards that he’s sat through many of these award ceremonies but had never been so touched and moved as he was by Vicky’s approach to writing about her experience.


On Facebook people have been sending birthday messages and for many of us Vicky will always be forty.  Thank you to the people who phoned and sent us messages to wish us a happy Vicky’s birthday.  We did go to a birthday party and have candles on a cake, but these were for Jos to blow out, Vicky’s niece, who shares the same birthday, 11th December.

PieThe next important(!) diary date is Wednesday 18th December, when it’ll be Pie Night. Pie2 Vicky’s friends and colleagues at Welwyn will be getting together for a pie supper in the pub and we’ll be joining in, eating Pie on Skye.  Please join us, wherever you are …

The Brain Tumour Charity has some ground-breaking projects planned, including an investigation into how a protein called DAXX enables glioblastoma cells to grow uncontrollably, paving the way for a drug that could control its effect.  This is something that would excite Vicky and will give others hope in the future.

Cancer UK

Live Love and Laugh this Christmas and best wishes for 2014.


One thought on “Christmas Loop

  1. Thinking of you all this Christmas. I am delighted that there could be a breakthrough on the brain tumour research front and sincerely hope that lives can be saved in the future. Very best wishes to you all this Christmas and I hope that 2014 brings you some happier times. xx

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