Vix BigStuff – October Update

A huge thank you to all Vicky’s friends who keep in touch with us; our extended family’s grown and we’re massively grateful for all the continuing support. It’s through all this contact that we get a sense of affirmation of the ways in which Vicky’s life impacted on others, of the inspiration people still draw from her and this in some way helps us to make sense of our loss.

A few quotes from Vicky’s friends help to illustrate this:

‘… I imagine your life is filled with little things you come across that make you both sad and happy at the drop of a hat at your sweet daughter’s memory. It’s certainly that way for me. I do miss her so but I also feel a sense of peace knowing she’s still got my back somehow. Just minutes ago I received a text … He’s at a work meeting in Atlanta and in the boardroom he’s in they have a Live, Love, Laugh art installation on the wall. Her impact on us all is so immeasurable.’

‘… I thought you might like to know that I’ve got a meeting with Macmillan on 4th November. Vicky mentioned way back during one of our rugby weekends that she thought cancer patients might like to speak to someone with legal knowledge about Powers of Attorney and Wills. She specifically said that if I had free time, she thought it would be the sort of volunteering work which would be really appreciated. I contacted Macmillan about a month ago and my offer of help seems to have gone round the houses a bit. But, I’m now meeting with one of the managers at the Support Centre at the Western General in Edinburgh. I’m not quite sure how it will all pan out, but I’m quite pleased to be putting Vicky’s suggestion into action at last. She’s definitely left a lasting influence on us all!’

’‘… We also have to plant our tree in memory of Vicky. We decided to go for a plum tree so went to RHS Wisley on Saturday and got a nice one. It was their flower show which was an added bonus. We got an Opal Plum which is also known as an Early Victoria Plum which I thought was very fitting. The kids are very keen and excited to plant it, they really like ‘helping’ in the garden. I was also going to ask if you have come across Vicky’s home-made plum chutney recipe would you be able to send it to me? We love it and it would be nice to keep the memories going. Every time we bite into a cheese and chutney sandwich or have a ploughmans we can have a bite for her too. Am sure she would have approved.’

I take a look at Facebook from time to time and notice that people are still sending Vicky messages(!) and letting her know how about the challenges they take up for her. So we know that the Vix spirit motivates many people.


‘Ok Vix so this weekend is the Glasgow half marathon and I just wanted to say thank you. I decided to sign up hoping that the motivation and drive of turning 40 would push me to dig deep and do something productive for my celebrations. For all the runs I have nearly jibbed and the days I would rather have just slobbed – thank you. You keep my legs pumping and my ass moving!’

‘Hey Vix – the new artwork was launched at work this week with staff asked to submit a photo to represent “why we come to work”. You are pride of place on the second row, far left. You still remain the reason why many of us come to work and remain our inspiration. You are now watching over us again in The Street area and now I see you every day I miss our coffees and catch-ups desperately.’

‘Took you with me to Abingdon 7’s and scored a try!!! Thanks for the well needed slap on my arse to keep me running! LLL x’

‘Ok Vix just to make you LOL from where you watch, it is confirmed that me and Sarah have registered for the Blenheim Triathlon for 2014. It was my agreement I would do it one more time when you could watch and laugh. We are doing the Female Sprint on the Sunday 8th June. Anyone who wants to start with us (I say start rather than finish knowing the rugby girls) can use Vix Tri as the code word to get similar start times.’

‘First run in over a year! 25 mins around the village, didn’t stop! Kept thinking if Vicky can do a triathlon and if Nikki can do an iron man….. I can get around the block without stopping!’

And lastly, Vicky’s keeping the pressure on Prof Chalmers, one of her heros at The Beatson:

‘The Brain Tumour Charity’ News


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