VixBigStuff – September Update

VixBigStuff Fundraising for The Brain Tumour Charity Continues


You’ll remember the memorial service in Barkway and the celebration of Vicky’s life … the rugby girls’ songs and antics and the fine young men of Red Diesel who saved the evening … well some members of the band Rabscallion, who should have been there, have recently put on a charity gig at the Ort Cafe, Birmingham, raising £320 for The Brain Tumour Charity.

Thank you to the band for giving their time for this very worthy charity.

Robin wrote:

‘The ceilidh we held was a success – lots of people had fun dancing in the gallery space, and we had some stalls, crafts, vegan food, cakes, and raffle. Not quite as many people as we’d hoped as it had tipped it down all evening, but we managed to raise £320.’

Robin also suggested that they’ll do another gig for The Brain Tumour Charity in the ORT space in Birmingham in December. Sounds good? It seems like the band communicates via Facebook, so please keep your eyes skinned for the Christmas event and it would be good to get together for a VixBigHoolie there that evening.

More Good News

Capture2A survey currently being circulated by The Brain Tumour Charity which invites feedback about patients’ and carers’ quality of life following a brain tumour diagnosis is supported by Vicky’s workplace.

The Brain Tumour Charity is passionate about making a difference for people affected by brain tumours. They want to understand more about what matters most to people with brain tumours about the impact that having a tumour has on their quality of life, how people make decisions about treatment and how they feel about the services they receive.

For more information about the survey follow this link.

News from one of Vicky’s colleagues, sent from a trans-Atlantic flight:

We’ve had a busy summer and I’ve kept up the triathlon training – I’ve found a real love for open water swimming, it’s such a shame it’s about to get too cold to swim in the place I’ve been swimming – there is something about being in such an open space, early in the morning with a few other (slightly crazy!) people. I really have grown to love it. I’ve entered us into Blenheim Triathlon next year so two of us with be doing it. We’ve had a great summer out cycling together, but I really need to up my running – I did manage to do a 5K run this morning with my sister before getting on the plane but I need to keep it up. All this training, new-found love for open water swimming comes

down to your daughter and her not giving me any reason to not enter Blenheim this year – it’s something I will always be truly thankful for. It has meant I’ve met some great new friends and I’ve tried out new things in life.

Life is a lot quieter without Vix at work, when I walk round the office I no longer get stopped and asked if I fancy doing a half-marathon at the weekend, or some other event which in my mind requires
significant training … or maybe it’s just will-power, determination that you actually need? Vicky certainly had that 🙂 I do think about Vix a lot, I obviously miss her but these thoughts always me with a smile – great memories.


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