Vix Big Cakeathon – Roche

To support the Vixbakeathon, we did two satellite baking events at Roche, one in May and one in June. We managed to collect 220 GBP. We were quite pleased with our collection and thinking that maybe we should do it every year!
Thank you very much to Nikhat, Sally, Lisa, Paula and Carolina (and I) who baked the cakes for both days and to all our colleagues that contributed buying the cakes.  And thanks to Andy and Paula for their support with the organization.
V3A while ago, a group of friends at work collected money to buy a few present s for Vicky.  We were sending one present every week with some clues for the next one. We did not manage to send all the presents that we had planned and we agreed to give the remaining money to charity.  Vicky wanted that we plant bulbs and trees that will live for years and we wanted to
follow her wishes. So we bought trees and crops and plants but instead of growing in UK all these tress and bulbs will grow somewhere else in the world.  We bought through CAFOD, world gifts ( ):
• Sixteen fruit trees sapling that will turn into fruit-bearing trees for families living in poverty.
• A vegetable garden.  Farming is often the only means of survival for some families living in poverty. Yet, a difficult climate, along with a lack of tools and training can make growing enough to eat almost impossible. This gift can provide the essential
 skills and equipment people need in order to grow the vegetables needed for a healthy, nutritious diet.  Example: “I got training in how to grow vegetables. I learned how to help the vegetables thrive organically… I’ve grown tomatoes and potatoes.  We eat most of them, and sell a few to the neighbours.” Pobitra Adhikari, BangladeshV1
• Drought-resistant crops. The gift of drought-resistant crops can protect a family from hunger by providing them with different strains of local plants that can survive for longer without water – giving them crops they can rely on even when the rains fall.  For example:  Esther Bodina, Tanzania “It makes me very happy when l see the green pigeon peas surviving… my family will have enough food”
V2We are sure these families will be very happy for the gifts bought on behalf of Vicky and I am sure Vixky enjoys seeing the trees and plants growing around the world from up there.

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