The Skye Cakeathon Continues …

… Last Saturday a group of 24 garden enthusiasts from Germany made their way across Skye from their cruise ship, anchored in Loch Dunvegan, to Bernisdale for a tour of our croft and a cuppa.  V3

Their ship, MV Deutschland, decorated in art deco style, carrying some 500 passengers, with a passenger to staff ratio of 2:1 contrasts bewilderingly with our homely little corner of Skye.  They’d been to the Castle Gardens in the morning and came to us after their lunch.  They must’ve heard that our home baking is good, or maybe they were wondering what a crofter wears under his kilt?V1

For a couple of hours they explored the croft with Alasdair and the garden with Ann, learned about the origin of crofting, saw how we do it these days, and heard about how people have lived here over the past few thousand years.

These cruisers got waitress service and drank their tea from the best china we could muster and were enchanted.  They were served cakes from the best local kitchens.  They sat happily in our back yard, roughing it and loving it.  They carried away little locally made gifts for their friends, wrapped in cellophane and prettily tied with tartan ribbon.

We enjoyed showing them around and will happily host similar groups again.  We’re very grateful to friends and neighbours who helped to raise another £350 for The Brain Tumour Charity.


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