VixBigCakeathon on Skye

Despite extreme Scotch Mist last weekend, VixBigCakeathon on Skye raised lotsamoney  for Macmillan and The Brain Tumour Charity.  A sub total of £1200 at the weekend and generous donations continue to come in, so we’re now up to the £2000 mark.  An amazing figure and we’re so grateful to all who are supporting us.
 Our visitors to the croft discovered happy livestock, a polytunnel burgeoning with produce, a delightful riverside walk, mixed woodland and a meadow in full flower, as well as Vicky’s  beautiful garden furniture in its new home.  They were also able to have a look at our most recent development, a community archaeological excavation which is throwing light on how people have lived here since prehistoric times.
 We couldn’t have had a cakeathon without lots of cakes and true to form, our generous friends, friends of friends, neighbours and colleagues made sure our visitors didn’t go hungry.  We had plenty of home baking for a cake stall as well, and we now have a reputation to live up to for our home baked bread, scones, fresh cream Victoria Sandwiches,
 ginger loaf and Sour Cream Coffee Cake.
 Our raffle was a great success and we thank the local business who provided the prizes.
 Happy winners carried off their bounty of Talisker whisky, bottles of wine, vouchers for meals  in local restaurants, boat trips, and an assortment of other delights.cake1
 Here’s hoping for sunshine next weekend when we have an international group of visitors coming to support the Brain Tumour Charity by visiting our croft garden and eat cake!

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