Southern Cakeathon

On Saturday 29 June Amanda Hensby hosted the Bedfordshire cakeathon to raise money for Macmillan, one of Vix’s chosen charities.  Huge thanks to Amanda and her family for opening their home for the day and to the willing volunteers who kept us supplied with tea and coffee throughout!  Thanks also to the bakers who produced a seemingly endless supply of cakes, cookies and savoury snacks.

Amanda1It was eleven hundred hours and the battle lines were drawn.  On one side were the baked goods strutting about in the knowledge that every mouthful would tempt us further in to their naughty-but-nice temple of doom (for our hips).  On the other side, fifty or so brave souls confident that we could just sample a tiny mouthful of the sugary blighters, no problem.  Little did we realise we were facing the tip of sugar-coated iceberg.
Every knock at the door brought reinforcements on both sides but the cakes were starting to outnumber us.  Every visit to the table brought new temptation and there was not a dud amongst them – they were all too delicious and our willpower wasn’t up to the job.  Even when we were full we left Hotel Hensby piled with goodies to eat later.  I’m sure I heard sniggering from the cake tin when I stepped on the bathroom scales this morning…

The only thing that saved us from utter defeat was that cakes don’t have pockets and the whole purpose of the exercise was to raise money for Macmillan.  We reached for our only remaining weapons and raised over £1000 which was a fantastic achievement and we hope Vix is proud of us.  I’m sure she added a sprinkle of Vixter magic to the banana bread which was mixed in her sparkly red Kitchenaid mixer.amanda2

We will eat nothing but lettuce for a week but it’s worth it to contribute to the fantastic work done in the UK by Macmillan.  All of us – bakers, eaters, tea-makers – should congratulate ourselves and think of Vix every time we eat something deliciously naughty.


3 thoughts on “Southern Cakeathon

  1. Brilliant! Sorry we missed it – great picture of all you intrepid cake makers and eaters – the guy on the telly behind Lyndall looks like he’s joining in too!

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