Vicky’s cremation could not have been a more loving and inspirational celebration of her life.

Thank you to everyone who made it so special, whether present on the day or by sending their love and prayers from afar.
It’s now time for her specific request for an ‘Exit Party’ – an opportunity to share our stories, experiences and the impact she has had on our own lives.  The Exit Party, to which you are invited, will take place in the Village Hall at Barkway, Hertfordshire, the village where she lived, on Saturday 8th June, and will be in two parts.
 At 3.30pm there will be a Memorial Celebration lasting approximately an hour, followed by
some light refreshments.  The Celebration will be in the style of a Quaker memorial meeting, a time for quiet and reflection, with participants sitting quietly and, when moved to, sharing their experiences and thoughts on Vicky’s life.
 At 7.30pm the real party gets underway with VixBigWake, a Barn Dance / Ceilidh,  with live music from Rabscallion, a six piece Ceilidh Band, a time for celebration, dancing and fun.
Vicky’s friends are invited to either or both parts of the day, and we look forward to meeting you there.  If you need accommodation, directions or advice on where to eat between the two sessions, please give us a call on 07745 917349 and we’ll help if we can.
Alasdair & Ann
29th May 2013

6 thoughts on “VixBigWake

  1. We are so sorry to hear that Vicky has passed away. I have chatted to her and emailed her on a few occasions as she won our Glyn Harris Awards which are yet to be handed out. I hope someone will come in her place to receive it. Not sure when the Awards are going to be, perhaps September. Will be in contact nearer the time.

    Our condolences go out to all her family and friends.

  2. Dear Mr ad Mrs Galbraith,

    Thank you for your recent messages, and the previous updates on Vicky, who I knew just a little as a winner of the CancerCare Glyn Harris Award which I helped to adjudicate. I had been inspired by her courage and tenacity, and her wonderfully witty, thoughful and candid accounts of her experiences its a rare person who can make readers laugh and cry with a single sentence, and she did just that with me. She seemed such a generous and remarkable spirit, and I feel honoured to have had some interactions with her, albeit only briefly. I was very sorry to hear of her death, and I offer you my heartfelt condolences. Please accept my apologies that this is sent by email and not a letter, and although Im afraid I wont be able to attend the wake, I will be keeping her, and you, in my thoughts over the coming weeks and months.

    Although I dont know you, I hope you wont mind me adding that remarkable people usually come from remarkable parents and I hope you can take some comfort from the fact that you produced a very special daughter who brought a lot of light, wisdom and happiness into many peoples lives.

    With love,

    Sue Parish (Lancaster)

  3. I am so sorry that I won’t be able to attend Vix Exit Party as we are away in Wales until the Sunday. It certainly sounds like Vix had a good send off on Tuesday and she would have loved the Exit Party. She’ll be partying up there watching everyone I’m sure.

    It has been wonderful reading all the lovely comments made by friends and family about Vicky. She was, without doubt, an amazing, inspirational, strong, funny, intelligent, loving woman who will be sorely missed by everyone and will never be forgotten.

    Much love to you Alasdair & Ann, you had a daughter in a million!

    I shall raise several glasses to Vix Saturday week,

    Take care,


  4. Alistair and Ann, It sounds like you’re giving Vicki a good send off both North and South of the border. Its such a shame, but I won’t be able to celebrate Vicki’s life with you on the 8th June as I am away. Please have a glass of vino on my behalf. Best wishes. Paula.

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