Update – 22nd May 2013


You’ll be sad to hear that Vicky passed away on Sunday 19th May at 9.30 in the evening at home with us here on Skye, supported by some of her finest friends.

We’ve arranged Vicky’s cremation at Inverness Crematorium on Tuesday 28th May at 2.30pm.  As you might expect, Vicky requested that her friends should wear rugby strip or clothes that reflect the colour she brought to peoples’ lives.

We are also planning a Memorial Service in Barkway, Herts, details to follow, for those who are unable to travel to Inverness. We invite all Vicky’s friends, team mates and colleagues who wish to pay their respects.

Vicky also requested that instead of the short-lived beauty of cut flowers, you plant trees or bulbs, which you can enjoy for years, or for donations to The Brain Tumour Charity,MacMillan Cancer Care or other cancer charities that she supported.
A huge thank you to all who’ve sent cards, presents and contributed to the vast number of electronic messages during the past few months and to those who’ve made the big trek north to visit us on Skye … all these have given us massive emotional strength which has helped us through the tough times.

“When it’s raining look for rainbows.  When it’s dark, look for stars”


13 thoughts on “Update – 22nd May 2013

  1. I am so verry sorry to hear this news, we have all lost a bright star and source of real joy in our lives. My love and prayers are with Vix’s family and friends. I was fortunate enough to get to know Vix at Uni and kept in touch on and off since then. I have follow her inspirational journey via her blog and she has set a great example of how to live, love and laugh that I will continue to advocate in her memory. I am unable to make the journey to Inverness, but will join others in Barkway to pass my respects to a life fully and wonderfully lived. God bless Vix. xx

  2. I’m so sorry to hear such sad news, I have been thinking of Vicky and remembering our school days when I knew her at Huish. We had maths classes together and I remember her brilliant sense of humour making them more bearable… and her lovely smile! I had been out of touch until last year when on a school reunion site she let us know about her brave battle, she also shared her blog which I followed. It is plain to see what a brave, inspirational and very special lady Vicky was and how much hope and positivity she spread in the world. I send my love to the Galbraith family and all Vicky’s friends at this immensely difficult time. Bex xxx

  3. So very sorry to hear your news, Vicky remained so very upbeat and the world has lost a hugely talented young lady. Like others here I knew Vicky from school, Martock Primary, and we started talking again as a result of Friends Reunited. My heart goes out to you all at this very sad time. Bone crunching hugs from us down here in Somerset. Ali xx

  4. I never knew Vix that well, I also attended Huish Episcopi Comprehensive with Vix for what seemed like a lifetime, yet it was only 4 years of our innocent lives back in the day.

    In life we’re told not to regret but to embrace, I sure like the sound of that. Having said that, reading the messages of the love and respect for Vix, it’s plain to see how she touched peoples lives.
    My regret is not knowing Vix but unfortunately our lives took different paths and our paths didn’t cross until now. My heart and thoughts go out to all Vix family and close friends, for there is indeed a brighter star in the sky above you all.

    My father died some years ago, his words, “What exists remains forever and the very existence of existence is proof of it’s eternity” Love from Canada, Farewell Vix.

  5. To the Gailbrathe family you had a treasure of a daughter, sister or other hats she wore in the family. I met her in Australia with Julie Pinkerton we had a couple of fun filled nights with Vix – we (Denise & Ross Aust) have planted a passionfruit vine in lovely memory of Vix, as her life was full of passion for anything/anyone she touched. Accept our thoughts in your sadness

  6. What an awful shame. We met Vicky in New Zealand when the Rugby World was on and she was great fun. She also told us about her illness which she didn’t dwell on but told us she would beat it..it’s such a shame after a great fight she put up. Thinking of Vicky, her friends and especially her family at this awful time,
    Mike Gallagher

  7. Love and special thoughts especially to Vicky’s family at this very sad time.
    I met Vicky when she came to our Slimmimg Club or ‘Fat Club’ as Vix used to call it. She always came in with a big smile and an excuse when the scales were not on her side, that being to many beers over the weekend and I would get a run down of her antics, which always made me laugh!!!!!!!!!The following week when she would lose weight was always because she had ‘pood’ the pounds away!!!!! I used to love seeing her smiley face approaching he scales and then her enthusiasm when exercising, she would really go for it!
    Vicky was a total inspiration to so many people and the Galbraiths, you must be so proud of her.
    Bone crunching hugs to you all, sorry I won’t be at Vicky’s funeral but I hope to attend the Memorial service at Barkway, I shall also be planting some bulbs in memory of Vicky, Daffodils as I am Welsh and we always had a joke about the rugby, I think she would smile at that (and probably swear!).
    Love Heather x

  8. Hi Galbraiths and Friends,

    I’m so sad to hear the news. I was at Martock Primary with Vix many, many years ago, and then at Huish together. We lost touch when we went to different sixth form colleges, but Esther Mclean kindly let me know. I wanted to share a couple of happy memories of Vix.

    – An early indication of her sporting prowess, she and I were on the netball team at Martock, must have been 9 or 10 years old. Unsurprisingly, I think she played Centre (the glamour role of netball), whilst I was a lowly wing defence (the one who goes NOWHERE!). We had to borrow kit for every match from the school chest and there was a continuous battle between the team about who could fit into the 22′ waist skirt. Can you imagine??? After 2 kids and plenty of cake, I certainly can’t. The team was pretty good actually, driven on by the ferocious Mrs Ledger (teacher and headmaster’s wife).
    – Vix, Esther and I were what later became known as ‘musos’ at Huish. In Mr. Gray’s music class, the three of us composed a carol with the innovative lines: the straw in the stable, the ass and the ox (wouldn’t be allowed to say that nowadays). Actually I think those were Mr. Gray’s lines and we just came up with the tune. Anyhow, in the event he thought our effort good enough to be entered into one of those school carol competition things (which we now know were all rigged anyhow – so THAT’s why we didn’t win!). Only problem being that the closing date was the following day. So, it before mobile phones, e-mail or anything like that, we made probably the first big executive decision of our lives and instead of getting our respective buses home after school, Esther and Vix came to my house in Martock where we finished the song, recorded a tape (yes!!!) and sent it off. I think the line-up was Vix on lead vocals, Esther on oboe, and me on cheapo electronic keyboard. I can still sing you the tune! I think Vix got into quite a bit of trouble for imposing an impromptu 50 mile round trip from Barrington to Martock so her mum could pick her up.
    – Poor Madame Rose, our wonderful French teacher. It must have been in 1st year french, when she was trying to teach us how to say “j’habite dans une maison”, or “dans un apartment”. Vix was ABSOLUTELY DEFINITELY not going to accede to any of these statements, and had Madame Rose scanning her dictionaries for the appropriate translation of ‘smallholding’. And it was NOT A FARM!!!

    I’ll be in Denmark on the day of VIx funeral but already have a lovely spot in mind for her bulbs – next to some ancient millstones in the courtyard of a farm on the island of Moen. May our island bulbs sing and send hugs to yours on Sky.

    Love to you all,

  9. The numerous beautiful rainbows and wonderful star-filled skies here on Skye will forever remind us of Vicky and her truly inspirational outlook on life. xx

  10. my love and thoughts go to vickys family and close friends xxx i went to school with vicky (huish episcopi) and although havnt seen her since 1989 since we left my memories of her were full of laughter and fun xxx a beautiful lady inside and out xxx im sure my fellow school friends that cant make it to her funeral would like u all to know that our thoughts are with u all xxx may u rest in peace vicky ….another angel in the sky xxxx will always remember you love jeanette (netty) selway (now coltart) xxxxx

  11. I so wish we could’ve had that drink over the way at The Forge on Knoydart. I’ve worked with the Brain Tumour Charity for over 3 years now. Vix really left her mark on me – her spirit was so HUGE and she’ll be there reminding me why I do the job I do. I’m honoured to have known her. I’m not up that way until July but I’ll be planting something funky, beautiful and really determined in my garden just for her x

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