Update – 7th April 2013

This is just a quick update on behalf of Vixter to let you all know that she’s being very well looked after here on Skye. The medical care we’re all getting is second to none, from GPs, Community Nurses, Macmillan Nurse, Home Carers and friends near and far … thank you to everybody who’s sending positive vibes and hugs … they’re much appreciated and are
working well.

Just to reassure you all that Vix is comfortable and still has a cheeky sense of humour and is an exceptionally compliant and delightful patient for those who are looking after her.

If you’d like to send Vix messages please do so via her blog.


40 thoughts on “Update – 7th April 2013

  1. Hi Vicky,

    a quick update to let you know we’ve found a new home. We’re not going to be all that far away from where we are just now (the other side of the Botanic Gardens) and have a lovely airy, spacious house. We’re looking forward to getting into it in the next few weeks (likely to move the end of May) and are already planning what we’re going to grow in the small back garden. Some tips from a fellow allotter would always be welcome. Orla got through her exams OK too and her Mum and Dad are visiting at the moment which is very nice. We went to visit New Lanark and North Berwick with them in the past couple of days which were really interesting.
    Love as always to our favourites in Syke,

    Tom & Orla xxx

  2. Hi Vicky,
    Just thinking of you so thought I’d drop you a line. I’ve just been going through some old holiday photos and found ones of when I visited Skye a couple of years ago, such a beautiful place with stunning scenery. Hope the lovely spring sunshine has found you.
    I was in Leicester last week for work and went past your old house! Remember how I used to come & stay over when I lived in Manchester, en-route to the office! I seem to remember plenty of glasses of wine being consumed, it’s a wonder we ever got to work the following day.
    All’s good for us. George is keeping us busy with all his out of school activities. He’s just joined Matlock cycling club and is loving the Monday race nights. So with that piano, rugby and Tae Kwon Do he certainly is a busy boy.
    I hope you’re as well as can be, I’m sure your lovely mum & dad are taking good care of you.
    If you’re up for visitors I’d love to come and see you and have a catch up and a gossip.
    Lots of love and big hugs, hope to see you soon.
    Clare xxxxxxxxxx

  3. Hello Vix!
    Thought of our walk around Somerton the other day when I visited my mum and dad- it was so nice to see you again! Hope Spring has reached Skye and that you’re enjoying the life up there. Lots of positive vibes from me to you. Esther

  4. Hi Vicky – just wanted to check in and send my best to you. I hope you are enjoying the slowly improving weather (even on Skye!)

    Sounds like you are being well looked after. I take this to mean you have your own servants? Well, have a beer and curry for me!

    Take care and keep on trucking 🙂

    Neil xxx

  5. Hi Vix, Been thinking abut you lately – wanted to send you lots of positive thoughts and vibes and lots of love – hope spring weather in Skye is sunny and warm ! Sarah xxx (aka Mrs C – but happily now Ms C !!)

  6. Hi Sweetheart!,
    Evelyn from Arvon here, (remember our fun evenings with the vino). Great to read your blog and to know that you are being cared for by lovely people in one of the most beautiful places.
    Lots of love and HUGE HUGS to you and I look forward to your next post.

  7. Hi Vicky Ann and Alastair.

    Well at last the Spring has sprung in Glasgow. The daffodils, crocus’ and blue bells are all out at the same time (I wonder were some of them delayed waiting for things to warm up a bit) and the sunshine is making people look happier and get out. Except for Orla, who is still locked up in her room (what kind of a husband am I??) studying for her exams. She travels to Dundee tomorrow for two days of exams and then down to London next week for the last one, which will hopefully be a big weight lifted.

    I picked up a new (second hand – but still new to us) car last week, whish Orla can figure out all the gadgets on the way to Dundee. I went along to a Rachmaninov concert on Thursday which was great only that I didn’r hear any Rachmaninov. First of all I went to the wrong concert hall, and then was late arriving to the right one, so wasn’t allowed in until the interval – and unfortunately they played the main event in the first half. Still it was very nice, as my seat was in the first row of the choir seats, so it was as if I was in the Orchestra.

    Hope you are doing well in Skye, that the geese, fish, hens, sheep and humans are all behaving themselves. Love to you all,

    Tom xxx

  8. Hi Vicky, I’ve been thinking about you heaps. It’s not often I write, but the positive thoughts are always flowing. I’m in the US at the moment, and thinking back to the first time that I came here and drove a car always brings a smile to my face because I remember you were in the car with me. I turned onto the ‘wrong’ side of the road (well it was right for the UK and AU) and scared the bejesus out of you! Lucky there were no other cars on the road 🙂 Glad to hear that you are getting well looked after. Big hugs, Bernie.

  9. Hi vix I’m writing this from Billund in Denmark for the second half of the easter holiday which is the home of Lego. There’s Lego everything here even fields have been invaded by gigantic Lego bricks the boys are in heaven!
    We are off to Lego land today but do far have been seeing a bit of real Denmark which is a beautiful place. There is a massive aqua park where we are there’s been plenty of laughing and screaming down the water slides – on jacks favorite you go speeding down on a mat head first first in a dark winding tunnel that then opens out into a massive open drop That’s nearly vertical – he convinced me to try and it’s amazing fun!
    Before we left Barkway your door boxes were just starting to flower with hyacinths and your daffodils at peaking through in the back garden and vince has trimmed the lawn so it’s looking rather spring like all of a sudden. Ive been missing you popping in and the boys keep asking about you too. Im glad to hear that you are still yourself and throwing in cheeky comments! The care you’ve got sounds spot on – well done Ann! and so it should be you deserve only the best as you are amazing!
    Lots of love and bone crunchers we will be laughing as much as we can all day for you on the rides! I will ring when we get back
    Love Alison xxxxxx

  10. Hi Vicky,

    would be lovely to have you here for a while. I’m in the sitting room on my bean-bag, having a little swig from a bottle of Ale and would be great to have you telling me about your adventures and trials while sipping a Guiness. Orla is out the back studying quite a bit. She is in count-down now to her exams. First one starts in Dundee in 10 days and last one is on the 29th of April in London. We’re both really looking forward to when they’re behind her, and her Mum and Dad will be coming over for the May weekend, so it will be nice for her to be able to leave her hair down for a while. I had great excitement on Sunday watching the Mighty Munster beat Harlequins on the TV – I was the only person in the bar in the rugby club behind the house and was shouting at the TV on my own…was a great game, and has restored some pride after the terrible 6 Nations. Haven’t been all that good on the exercise front. Have jogged a few bits and pieces, but and really out of wind after 3 miles. I suppose that eating lots of custard and trifle doesn’t help much – I went shopping hungry today, so bought all sorts of stuff (hence trifle and ale). I spoke with Ian (your brother) the other night who was so nice to call – at last I’ve been able to make touch with the final Galbraith – seems to be made of the super special material that all of the rest of your family are made from. Hope Ann and Alastair are well – we love you all.

    Tom & Orla (and wee one on the way ) xxx

    • These runners are making this marathon stuff look easy … watching the London Marathon today. Love to you all Vixxxx

  11. Hey Vicky, sending you positive vibes and loads and loads of love and hugs. Stay strong and enjoy being looked after in beautiful Skye. Xxxx

  12. Hey Vix! I often think of you so was delighted to see the latest post. I was just over the water from Skye at Knoydart when it dropped into my inbox… how about that for a coincidence?! The ‘cheeky sense of humour’ is what I know you for and I can easily believe the ‘delightful’ bit but this ‘compliant’ rubbish……?!?!?! I’m going to be back up there in a month or so – how about talking one of those lovely people caring for you into coming over with you for a wee dram at The Old Forge? I’m buying…..!

  13. Hi Vicky, just wanted to say hello and thank you so much for your help in Welwyn. I am back in Basel now and still looking forward to read your book. Big hug. Keep laughing!!!

  14. Hi Vicky, Hope you’ve had some sunshine up in Skye. We had a good time at Monkey World in Dorset over the weekend, with the Gibbons hooting and swinging like crazy things in the first real day of spring. As always, thinking of you and yours and rooting for you. Love you loads xxxxxxxx

  15. Hi Vic’s, not sure if they’re caring for the right person – being compliant and well behaved, doesn’t sound like you! Have you swapped yourself for some stuffed dummy and you’re off somehwhere drinking Guinness. Thinking of you and sending lots of love. Stay strong and well. Paula

  16. Hey Vix – we’re all thinking of you and sending our love, Red Diesel boys included. Hope you’re not snowed in up there – as usual us southern pansies are terrified at the site of a single flake. Your mate Pi sends his love and positive vibes – we’re work buddies again. Take care pet lamb – love as always… Xxxx

  17. So glad to see an update – hope you got my card. Know that you are all in my thoughts constantly and I am sending huge trans-Atlantic hugs and kisses!!!! XOXOXO Nicole

  18. just been reading through all your musings and wishing I was better at finding the right words. So just saying, Thinking of you loads, lots of love.

  19. Hi Vicky, thinking about you lots and sending positive vibes and bone crunching hugs your way. Keep positive gorgeous girl xxx

  20. Hi Vix – This Denise from Australia we met at Julie Pinkerton’s house – sending loads of hugs and smiles, keep smiling xxx

  21. Hi Vicky
    Sending you & your Ma & Pa mega love. We know you’re being wonderfully looked after in Skye. We think about you lots. Keep strong and stay supported by all the love around you.
    Love and Huge Hugs xxxxxx Roger & Sue

  22. Hello from sunny…..but cold York. It’s good to hear you are being good, I’m amazed can’t remember that before! We had a lovely time over Easter when Kate, Jon, Zara and William came. Had a day at a farm, I don’t think I’ve ever been so cold and they wanted their coats off mind they were running and jumping and I was just shivering. Think about you lots, lots of love and God Bless. David and Jill

  23. Hi Vix, We’ve been thinking about you since meeting at New Year skiing. We particularly remember various games of cards (including hearts & many attempts to ‘shoot the moon’, and rat-a-tat-cat with the girls) and you starting an evening of strange games with a penny and some butt-clenching!! Keep strong. Lots of love from Jess, Andy, Lottie & Lucy.

  24. Hi Vixter

    How you doing love or is that a really really stupid question? My very first holiday with my parents was to Skye age 6. Can’t remember much save that we stayed in a very basic caravan and the toilet was at the bottom of the field. There was a ram in the field and I’m sure I got constipated / water retention as I refused to venture out by myself ! Oh I also remember all the gorgous heather….to young for the whisky !

    Anyway …hope you aren’t feeling too shitte and my thoughts are with you.


    Jodi xxxxx

  25. How very strange for you to behaving yourself! 😉 Huge, massive love and hugs to you and your family from us both xxxxxx

  26. Hi Vix, I only thought yesterday that your emails were noticeable by their absence. I am glad you are getting great care on Skye, I thought of you when I was in Glasgow in March too. Not too sure about this compliant patient larky though, you are meant to give everybody the run around and always, without exception, want the opposite to what is being offered! Big hugs and lots of love to you all. Ali xxxxx

  27. Hey you – we are in Vegas for a week so will do something inappropriate and very wrong just for you :). Jacks & Kay xx

  28. Sending you mammoth bone-crunching hugs and loads of love, Vix! Our thoughts are with all of you. Keep strong and smiling. xxxxxxx……..

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