Merry Christmas ho, ho, ho!

Dear Friends

I hope this finds you warm and well, with Christmas plans executed and a cosy homely time of merriment and festivities. I am warm and relatively well, and about four weeks behind for my festive planning. Despite the best intentions, homemade mincemeat has been as much as I have managed this year. My planning and preparation has been disrupted by my unexpected birthday.

One could say that a birthday is 365 days from the last one, so it should never be unexpected. But this one, the big FOUR OOOHHH was a birthday I never thought I’d be having (if you remember the stats). Alas, I am still here, still breathing (wasting oxygen perhaps?) and doing most things unaided. I have had a wonderful celebration fortnight, with Ragdale spa-ing (is that a verb?) with Mum and friends, concerts and performances Jo Brand and Alan Davis, and a couple of handbell gigs, dining out and in and generally building up my reserves. I was asked for photographic identification this week, when buying some wine. The poor chap on the checkout should have gone to SpecSavers, but I will take all the compliments I get!!

Phil the neutrophil and Peter platelet caused some alarm at their absence  last week, but they have rallied the troops and stood up to be counted on Monday in Glasgow, so the Prof warmly congratulated me today, and by way of celebration he prescribed me cycle 4 of chemo. So not quite like the classic song, but you can see I am living the dream “… All I want for Christmas is chemotherapy”.

dad xmasI sit here on Christmas afternoon, gently being pickled and realisation that most of my Christmas cards are unwritten and may well be “hope you had a good Christmas and Happy New Year” cards.
We have enjoyed champagne, pain au chocolates, a walk with blue skies and a rainbow… And now my glass is on auto refill, and I am seated I have wonderfully kind and generous hosts here in Somerset and I am soaking up the TLC.


To warm up my vocal chords ahead of the inevitable carols, I went on a singing workshop “Sing in Herts” and learnt a capella style spine tingling and world music songs. We even did a few recordings so check these out if you fancy: Have a look at “Sing in Herts” on the web and if you fancy some singing, let me know. It has medicinal qualities apparently.

I have been somewhat aghast by the revelations and controversy that has arisen from Sir Jimmy Saville in the recent weeks. That combined with the seasonality, I ‘ve been thinking what confusing messages are given to guide the young: write to this strange old man and tell him what you want to do and hope that he fixes it for you… Trust in him… ; write to this strange old man and tell him what you want, and invite him

into your bedroom on the night of 24th December, invite him to empty his sacks in your room; the virgin Mary, dressed in blue gave birth, and the Holy Spirit came across her.

Wishing you good health and happiness for 2013, and enjoy the leftover turkey!


Big love and bonecrunching festive cuddles beneath imaginary mistletoe.

Living, Loving and Laughing
Vix xxx


One thought on “Merry Christmas ho, ho, ho!

  1. Hope you are still enjoying yourself,have an EXTREMELY healthy 2013 and successful chemo.We are at kate and Jon’s prior to our far east trip. Did the ‘soft play trip today….came back on the bus very excitingwhen you are 2 and 4 !!Love from all of usxxxxx

    Date: Sat, 29 Dec 2012 21:29:07 +0000 To:

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