Stable with no crib, cattle, lambs or naked flames

Stable with no crib, cattle, lambs or naked flames: Vicky’s update 21st December 2011.

What with the wintery clear skies we’ve been having lately, I’ve been thanking my lucky stars a lot, and feeling very thankful for things that I never, ever imagined I’d feel so grateful for. Who’d have thought that my 39th Birthday would be so epic, and that being 39 years young would feel so fantastic? Not a usual milestone birthday I know, but for me, my bestest birthday ever, ever, ever. I was fortunate to be able to share the celebration with many friends and family, and my niece Jos with whom I share my birthday, and she helped me blow out my candles on my cake. We had a great ceilidh and friends Alex and Greg, who sing and strum magnificently (and are definitely worthy of a place in the X-Factor final) to finish of the night, who even performed some of my alternative song lyrics. I was able to balance dancing, singing, conversation with friends and family and a few medicinal beers, a phenomenal Chocolate and Guinness birthday cake on my birthday eve, such that I didn’t even have a Birthday hangover: Perfect. Thank you so much to those involved in making my party happen, and for all the birthday wishes. I never imagined it would feel so good being a year older.

I had an extended period of celebration, with some cultural treats too: I went with my neighbour Alison to see Mozart by Candlelight, where we saw men in period costume with tights and wigs, and enjoyed the fantastic clarinet and piano concertos. I also had a first, and went to see a ballet, the Nutcracker with Amanda. It took be back to my Primary School days of ballet lessons and exams, and my years in Somerset Youth Concert Band playing the music from Nutcracker, and I got another fix of men in tights. I think I’ve had a new calling, so if they can beef-up the boys a bit, so that they can manage the lifts, I will be throwing away my wellies and getting myself some pumps and a tutu. I wonder if they do them for fuller-figures? Failing that, I will learn the triangle as there was a big part in the Nutcracker that’s waiting for me, or perhaps I should dust-off my sax.

So, here I am, stable, but with no crib, no cattle lowing, and no lambs bleating, and no virgin mothers in sight. I have not felt so excited about Christmas, since I was a child. I’ve been revelling in preparations and festive fun: I took part in the Banbury Santa Run which entailed trying to keep up with Ed, who was deceptively fast for a six year old, and I worked up a good sweat over the 4km! Thanks to the Langdons for entering me in that as a special festive treat. I went to see my friends and my Godson and to be part of their kids Christmas party, which was a baptism of fire. I didn’t realise quite how excited a houseful of under-4s can get, and how much mulled wine I’d need to get me through. A great time spent, and it was good to do some proper Godmother stuff the following day, and do some muddy puddle splashing with little William. Surely, that is my job as a former-rugby-playing-not-very-Godly Mother figure?

Following my welcome back into the fold of the Barkway Belles, we had our annual gig, our performance in the village Candlelight Carol Service in the village church. I got to play G and A, several times, and to conduct, simultaneously. I am proud to report that the tempo of each was just about right and we made it through to the end of all of the carols. We were excellent, if somewhat Dibleyesque. There was suitably firm wrist action, no swinging and perfect damping. Those of you who have tried playing hand bells will know exactly what I mean. Those who have yet to try it, I recommend it for realising how tricky it is to get your body to move in just the right way at just the right time. It required extreme teamwork and has to be the perfect test of total physical and cognitive function.

It’s feels like there’s been a new dawn and my life has started a New Chapter since my last update. I feel like I’ve lost loads of weight, but alas, it’s only the metaphorical “weight off my shoulders”, no other weight loss. I feel like I can look to the future again, and I am hoping that 2012 will be a relative piece of cake.

Massive thanks to those of you who nominated me to be an Olympic Torch Bearer for the 2012 games in London. The powers that be, decided that I am not deemed safe with a naked flame, and I didn’t make the final cut. I’m proposing though, that if you’d like me to carry a torch for you, be it naked or battery operated, all you have to do is let me know and I will do my very best.

Massive thanks to those of you who have been involved in brain tumour awareness and fundraising activities with and for me over the last year or so. I’ve done a tot up and would you believe it, but we have raised over £43,000. You are utterly amazing, very generous and very kind, and I look forward to carrying on with those of you who want to join me in 2012 and beyond.

Please let me know if you would like to be part of the Brain Tumour UK World Record Challenge Marathon Relay around the UK. It will run from 4th-22nd May, with a total of 140 marathons running in relay. I will be joining in some of it…. for sure. If you can run a marathon, and fancy getting involved, have a read and let me know. You don’t need to be an Olympic contender; it’s the taking part that counts. Recently Sir Ranulph Fiennes came to work to tell us about his adventures and world records, during the question time, I cheekily invited to join me and put on his trainers and Lycra for the marathon relay, but alas, he knocked me back and suggested that I climb Everest. Now there’s a thought.

If you need a 2012 Calendar, and a would like to see me naked on your wall for all of July, please do order a Bare All for Brain Tumours charity calendar which is raising much needed funds explicitly for research into brain tumours. In July, you can’t have too much of a good thing, I say!

As we wait excitedly for Father Christmas to make his way around all seven billion of us, and we prepare for over-imbulging* and to consequent tighter waistbands, please join me and send Global Positive Vibe Transfer to the tens of thousands of Philipinos made homeless, and to those who lost loved ones, with the recent typhoons. That serves of an apt reminder for us to fully appreciate who and what we have this Christmas.

Wishing you a very Happy and Healthy Christmas and New Year

Living, Loving and Laughing, with wet-nosed big kisses and bone-crunching hugs under imaginary mistletoe  Vix xxx

* imbulging = indulging + imbibing




One thought on “Stable with no crib, cattle, lambs or naked flames

  1. My god girl, u do know how to take the world and send it spinning on it’s tail. I’m so happy u have come through this last year and are feeling so well. We have been through a hellava rollercoaster of a ride and though we lost our hair!!! We never lost our sense of humour and compasssion for others. Wishing you and yr family a very happy and contented xmas. Keep up the great work, and keep drinking yr guiness…must be all the lovely Irish ingrediants that keep you on the go. Wishing you loadsa good luck, wealth, health and happiness for 2012. Mege big hug. Janette:-)

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