Vix Palm Sunday Update

Dear Friends,
Hope all’s good with you and yours and the kids aren’t bored of the Easter Holidays yet. I’ve done my own bit of Easter Holiday childcare stuff this week, having my friend Sue and Paul’s daughter Sian for a few days. I must admit, I think she was looking after me about as much as I was looking after her. We made a good team as neither of us came to any harm. I did well to manage on minimal swearing and contracted no communicable bugs or diseases, as far as I am aware. Combined with having a little person in tow, and a limited stock of red blood cells (erythrocytes), everything little thing has taken me yonks to do this week.  I think that’s a consequence of the cranked-up dose of chemo, and Eric-the-Erythrocyte, feeling lonely too. I am doing OK really, other than being a tired bunny even when doing very little, I have a few metallic moments, but no significant side effects. I do have more eye-lash loss that I’ve ever noticed before, but I have been totally disappointed by the hair removal properties of chemo on my bits I would like hair to be removed: I had to resort to waxing, which seems so ”last year” and out-dated.
On Saturday 16th April, the VixBigWalk started from Portree Hospital, where I was born and I had an A&E admission at the end of last year prior to my diagnosis. I’m pleased to report there was fine weather and over 20 participants, ranging in mobility, from Zimmer frame to Runners, and an age range spanning eight decades. It’s great that people who wanted to join in for just a little way did so to be part of the event and show their support. Do not fear, we are not a homogeneous bunch of pure-bred fell-runners. The Skye Pipe band set them off at marching pace and there was a real community carnival atmosphere. Who knows, inadvertently we may be helping with the Government’s Happiness initiative, or maybe it was the Skye air. Here’s hoping that the spring weather stays kind.
My preparation for the Big Walk fundraiser has involved afternoon naps, and lots of hoping that Eric and Phil can ensure that they have plenty of friends, for us to take an entire squad of them to Fort William on Saturday for my joining the Big Walk to Clinic. The Big Walk will be a big challenge though…  gulp… I will be needing some good singing and conversation companions. Still, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, so someone once said.
A massive thanks for the local community Charity events that have taken place in support of the Pebble Appeal, Maggie’s and Macmillan. On Skye, over two thousand pounds was raised between Mum and Dad’s Open House on 9th April and Rob and Hayley’s Open Garden on 16th April. Julie and Vince’s Charity supper in Barkway, Hertfordshire was a great success on 9th April, raising over £250. It seems like I missed out on a good night with my neighbours down south. I’ve not yet heard from Auntie Chris on how here Champagne Garden Party in Perth W.A. went, which I take as a good sign. Hopefully the headaches are easing now.
 The Chemotherapy Tournament scoreline is looking good given no meals lost or missed, and no infections since the last update, Vix is still hammering Chemo 38-16. The holistic approach of Dog Therapy and Skye air obviously worked. Thanks to the numerous friends who offered to get me a dosette pill box after my explanation of the pilathon in my last update. Thanks for all the offers, but I can confirm that I do not need a dosette pill box: I’ve not lost all my marbles, yet!
Newsflash – I was asked if I’d like to do some TV interview to help promote Maggie’s Centres and tell my cancer story. So, along I went to Maggie’s on Tuesday, expecting to have a chat about it. There I was, as normal, mangy dog hair-do, no make-up on , walking boots, jeans and the T-shirt Amanda gave me that has “It’s all about me” and a Princess crown on… and the chap with his TV camera was there, filming.  So, something to look forward to in the coming weeks, when the feature gets shown on “The Hour” on STV, which is a lifestyle programme in that twilight period between 4-6pm I think. I will try and get a copy to put on the website, so if you are unfortunate enough to miss the broadcast, you can hear my inane spouting at your leisure.
So, not long now, off to Fort William on Saturday to see Dad and his tired feet, and join with fellow walkers for the West Highland Way southwards, leaving on Easter Sunday.  If you want to come and join us, or Amanda and the Lowland Walkers in Bedfordshire, please do get in touch.  At the end of the West Highland Way on Sunday 1st May, in the village of Fintry, the ancient seat of the Galbraith Clan (and where my friends Sue, Paul and Sian live) there will be and End-of-Big-Walk Eve social-do at the Fintry Inn, with music and food. Do come and join us, We will be finishing the walk on Monday 2nd May, going from Milngavie via the Beatson to Maggie’s Centre in Glasgow.
In Bristol, on 15th May, Olivia James is doing the Bristol 10K, in which I do believe there are quite a few hills!
In Derbyshire, on 21st May, Ingrid, my sister-in-law, is understaking her first Half Marathon along the High Peak Trail.
In Oxfordshire on 4th  – 5th June, myself, a bunch of lovely Leicester rugby girls and work friends, will be taking part in the  Blenheim Triathlon. I am calling it a Tryathlon. I expect it to be my first and last. We’re a right mix of abilities; some of the girls even look good in their wet suits. I might need a pair of scissors to get out of mine. All supporters welcome, but no sniggering.
In the US, Lindy and Lisa are planning a string of summer events, which I look forward to hearing about and hopefully participating in the Dingle Half Marathon with them in September in Ireland.
In the Scottish Highlands, on 2nd October, Greg Trevelyan will be participating (on his Granny’s back) in the Loch Ness Marathon.
Keep on living life to the full. I’m utterly humbled and eternally grateful for your support, and to your families and friends who are supporting as you plan, prepare and undertake these events. Extra big wet sloppy kisses from me to you. Please do send me some photos….
To support the BIG Walk, please go to and type “Vicky Galbraith” where it asks for the name of your friend, and feel free to spread the request for support message as far and wide as you like.
For your leisure time, some silliness: PE Teacher and Surgeon The Power of Words
Rie, ama y vive,
Big kisses and bone-crunching hugs
Vix xxxx
P.S. I was a bit disappointed that the 2011 London Marathon Women’s winner today beat my Personal Best Half Marathon time. That’s just showing off.


2 thoughts on “Vix Palm Sunday Update

  1. VBW Update: Walkers still going well, in hot sunshine and fine spirits. Vicky’s showing characteristic determination, supported by a wonderful possie all the way. Presently on the east side of Loch Lomond, walking from Inverarnan to Rowardennan.

    Grouse, swallows, deer and lizards along the way… fresh breezes and warm sunshine … the Highalnds are at their best just now.

    A huge thank you to all Vicky’s supporters. Come to the Fintry Inn on Sunday 1st May evening to celebrate Big Walk Conclusion Eve.

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