New Year Message

Dear Friends,
I’m feeling a bit Queen-like giving my New Year message, though I think she dons her crown and speaks to millions, while I wear my plastic tiara and get typing on the laptop…
I hope this finds you well and the memories of your festivities and holidays haven’t been totally erased by work-related humdrum. I trust you had a fun-packed time with family and friends, you ate all your sprouts, enjoyed your pigs-in-blankets or ‘pigs-in-kilts’ as they get called up here and, more importantly, did your share of drying-up and that shared the remote control. We had a great family white Christmas, even with our very own Strictly Come Dancing on Skye dance competition, organised by my nieces. Ther verdict: I won’t be persuing a dancing career.  I’m learning the Ukulele after being given one for Christmas. Dad, Iain and I have formed the Galbraith Uke Trio (GUT) and we’ve done a few dial-in rehearsals linking in Skye, Glasgow and Hadfield: silliness prevails. We’ll be ready for bookings in about 3 years.
After a 4-day week of frying after Boxing Day, I went back up to Skye with some of the rugby girls and their families for a white Hogmanay. We had a lovely time, eating, drinking, beach walks and chilling, and for those who know my track record, I was even awake for the chimes at midnight. I trust your good resolutions are proving sustainable and there’s been no wavering, yet. I resolved to “live healthily” which means Guinness is still allowed I think, because the old adverts say “Guinness is good for you”, and chocolate has vitamins and counts as one of my 5-a-day surely, as it is derived from beans, and beans are very good for you aren’t they?
Today, 10th January 2011, is a very significant day, as I am now on the single figure count down for remaining frying sessions: 21 done, 9 to go. This is something I never thought, or expected, I would get excited about. The reality is that the end of this chemo-radiation treatment period, has the anticipation of University Graduation Day: I am going to be a successful graduate of my Imaginary Frying School where I will have completed a very intensive 30 day course over 7 weeks. Hopefully there will be no need for re-sits or further attendance. I hope my end of course assessments reflect both my good attendance and attitude to the course. I have to wait for results as I will find out after a few weeks of ‘NHS holiday’. Bring on Frying School Graduation Day, I may even toast it with bubbles and strawberries! Please do join me in my final frying countdown and celebrate for me by proxy too on the 21st January.
Similar to the way that my birthday gift from the NHS was a disappointment, my ‘NHS holiday’ is equally disappointing: they aren’t sending me to the Alps skiing, or to the Far East for some scuba diving… their idea of a holiday is me not having treatment. I will be having words with the MoH about it under the Trade Description Act. Mustn’t grumble I guess, it’ll be lovely to be able to have some time away from here and catch-up with friends and family both down south and on Skye.
Alas, it appears my joy in only shaven hair-loss in my last update, was to be short-lived. Almost as if to spite my pride in having a full head of hair 3 weeks after starting radiotherapy, the area of my head being fried bid farewell to the 5mm of re-growth within a 48 hour period starting on Boxing Day. Big brother Iain said I looked like a “mangy dog” which sounds harsh, but it was fair. I felt like a mangy dog too, as it was rather itchy. Now, I have re-shaved (thanks Jedi), which makes me look a little less mangy. I have been for a wig trying on session and thought I looked like Drag Queen mostly. I think I will stick with mangy dog/skinny for now. Until my hair loss, lots of people have said I “look too well to have cancer”. Since my mangy dog-look took hold, no-one has said that to me. After 20 years of having long hair, I’m wondering why I didn’t try short hair before. My hair-loss seems to be more difficult for others, than it is for me. My thoughts, for anyone worried about hair loss: it is only hair and we can live without it quite easily; my time from shower to departure is much reduced, and am enjoying a new daily dilemma choosing which hat and scarf to wear.
It’s been lovely to have more visitors on Skye and to the flat in Glasgow , and to do some touristy and cultural stuff here, not to mention being cooked and cared for.  I must admit, I’ve certainly been laughing a lot and life is definitely not doom and gloom here. Hotel Vicky is open for reservations.
A massive thank you for the ongoing shaving-related ripples of support for my chosen healthcare charities in NW Scotla
nd ( ), we’re pretty close to target. The next fundraising project in its embryonic stages: a ‘Walk to Clinic’ via the West Highland Way (~100miles), definitely once the snow has melted and the weather warms. More to follow on that hopefully.
Lastly, a few recommendations for leisure time….
Read Lance Armstong’s autobiography advisedly with a box of tissues to hand. Me and Lance, we’re kind of the same, except mine is in my brain and his is in his testicle. There are some similarities and then some unsimilarities, noteably that he’s an amazing international athlete and good writer. An utterly inspirational read. He’s even making me think I need to get writing.
Watch ‘The King’s Speech’ with the lovely eye-candy Colin Firth, is excellent. I think I learnt more about British history in that than I did at school, and I got to look at Colin Firth.
View – a couple of great YouTube viewings to enjoy with the sound on: The route home to Skye by Danny McKaskill, stunning… I will stick to the car passenger seat. Somewhere over the rainbow….. both beautiful and Uke inspiration.
Live, love and laugh,
Big kisses and bone-crunching hugs
Vix xxxxxxxxx


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