Hats, Wigs and Gimp Masks

Dear Friends,
Hope this finds you well, warm and cosy. No doubt as you have heard, the weather in Scotland continues to be positively tropical… it was a mere minus 5 degrees C last night, which felt glorious compared to minus 15 degrees a few nights back, which managed to freeze the pipes resulting in no hot water for a wee while, but Dad came to the rescue and I promise I have had a shower since, and now smell sweet again. I’m now a 2-duvet girl, with bed socks, which you might have thought went out of fashion in the post-WWII period, but I assure you they have made a comeback in Glasgow. At least in my flat. Sexiness is in the eyes of the beholder.
Massive thanks for the hats and wigs I’ve received… I am certainly cutting a dash in Glasgow’s West End, and turning heads. I’m not sure if the sniggers and laughter are all directed at me, or whether it’s just a really happy friendly, smiley, place to be. I like to think it’s the later.
Today I started radiotherapy, so got to dress-up in my gimp mask and lie still, in fact very very still, for 10 minutes. I couldn’t smell cooking bacon, which apparently is what human flesh smells of when cooking, so I am thinking that the clever physics chaps and chapesses got there sums right when working out how much frying my brain needs. So now only 29 more frying days to go… and I’m counting down. Chemotherapy starts tomorrow, as a special birthday treat for me, from the NHS. I hope they wrap it nicely for me.
The flat is feeling homely now, so do let me know if you fancy a trip to Glasgow’s swanky west end. It’s a tad posh for me, but with my very English accent, I am standing out like a turd in a punch bowl anyway, so expect to be getting a reputation of “the welly wearing skinhead southerner”.
Do keep in touch and let me know your news.
Lots of Love


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