Art & Craft then Double Physics

Dear Friends,

Hope you are well and enjoying some simple pleasures, living, loving and laughing. I have had some of the best email jokes ever lately, and a beautiful quote from my 3 year old neighbour who asked his Mummy “Why has Vicky got tuna in her head? My friend Polly has tuna in her sandwiches and she has sweetcorn with it.” Please keep sharing the good ones! I must admit I have been making my scar sore with laughing so much… a nice ache to have.

I’m up in Glasgow at the moment, just back from a day at the Beatson where I have had a series of appointments:“Art and Craft” this morning where we made a gimp-like mask (a.k.a. radiotherapy mask making), which I then got to wear for the first period of “Double Physics” while it was decorated with stickers and pens (a.k.a. head CT scan). The second period of “Double Physics” this afternoon (a.k.a. head MRI scan) wasn’t so much fun as they gaffer-tapped my head to the the plynth and then put it in a small tube and played a fog- horn at me for 10 minutes. Must admit I was happy when that was over. Detention would have been more fun. I also saw my Oncologist who was happy with me, and gave me my schedule for the radiotherapy, the good news being that I get the Mondays off after Xmas and Hogmonnay so I’ll be on a radiotherapy 4-day week over the festive period., but making up for it in the New Year.

Hopefully, I will have rented a flat in the west end of Glasgow by the end of tomorrow which will mean I have have a homey base here, for me to chill in, and visitors who fancy a trip to Weegie-land (and can cook, entertain and care for me) to stay in. Tomorrow afternoon, my Driver (a.k.a.Dad) will be taking us north up to Skye again until come back to Glasgow for my radiotherapy simulation on Tuesday 7th December, then starting for real just after, with chemotherapy being added in on day two of the radiotherapy.

Before then, I will be doing my hair re-style, the “Bic and Polish”, taking place on Wednesday 1st December in Portree on the Isle of Skye. That’s the start of the VixBigShave period, which will run from 1st-5th (Sunday) December at vaiour Shaving Hubs across the UK and further afiels. Those who want to join me in a charity fundraising hair removal fun, more info will follow very soon. Those who don’t, sponsorship info will follow.

Massive thanks to for the hats I have been given so far, I really can say I cease to be amazed by the creative genius of my friends. I will be the talk of Glasgow toon for sure as I stroll from my flat to the Beatson and back, and around the West End. Heads will be turning.

 Mum continues to be my social secretary for all things Skye-realted so please keep her involved (preferably by email about any visit plans to Skye. I will try and manage my own social life in Glasgow so please do let me know about any thoughts of planned Glasgow trips.

Please keep your news and updates flowing as they are a massive help to stay in a positive (somewhat silly) state of mind.

Love and massive gratitude for your ongoing support for us all, keep smiling

Vix xxx


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